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Lua dao trong casino

(TN 4-3-19) Gia Sài Gòn có ông lão bán cào cào bng lá da, gìn gi tui th (TN 4-3-19) Chin tranh biên gii 1979: In 1979, China and Vietnam Went to War (And Changed History Forever) (National Interest 2-3-19) Chin tranh biên gii 1979.(PN

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Poker nl holdem range

poker nl holdem range

But we still don't know how many hands Bob should 3-bet overall.
Use this as your largest poker pot online guide to managing your poker bankroll.
A way to demonstrate this point is to think, if you have your whole bankroll on one table and you get unlucky on the american dv lottery results 2017 turn of a card you lose everything you have to play with meaning you cannot play poker anymore.
We only need to remember one number, namely the static percentage Alice 4-bet bluffs her non-value hands.Anyone can write a book and tell you it's the best strategy ever, but a lot of the time they do not deliver.The idea of the method is to always have 20 buy-ins at the level you are playing in a cash game.Then we could dedicate one article to discussion about optimal versus exploitative play, and talk about how to apply one or the other against different opponent types.If you have a clear idea about how to exploit your opponent maximally, by all means go ahead and make the adjustment.His total value range is KK, A5s, A4s 20 combos, so Bob can pick.5 x 20 30 3-bet bluff combos.These ranges follow from Alice's opening range: What is Bob's optimal value/bluff ratio in his 3-bet range?Bwin Poker, free up to 40 Cashback no deposit poker bonus.When someone has raised in front of you, you ideally want to use an optimal strategy for each opponent, and for each of his positions (since optimal 3-bet strategy is a function of the raiser's range).There are two ways to define the bluff 4-bet range: We can choose some specific bluff combos and always 4-bet them, or we can 4-bet all the non-value hands a certain of the time.

However, an optimal strategy will win against players who are using non-optimal strategies.
There are two types of poker book; the ones you read once and the ones that you read again and again throughout your poker career.
Bob's total 3-bet for this scenario is: - Value part: 42 combos (3.2 of all hands) - Bluff part: Effectively 40 of 152 61 combos (4.6 of all hands) This results in a total 3-bet range.2.6.8 against Alice's 25 CO range.
Think of them as one big book split up in to two.
This makes sense if you think about.Many congratulations to Jonas on winning this event and a very healthy first prize of over 300,000.Bob simply 3-bets KK for value, plus a wide range of 3-bet bluffs, and after a 4-bet he 5-bets KK for value and folds everything else.Alice either 4-bets or folds, and when she 4-bets, we 5-bet our value range all-in, and fold our 3-bet bluff range.For example, when you know the strategy pair corresponding to a 15 opening range, you can apply the same strategies against a 12 raiser and an 18 raiser without losing much accuracy.Starting hand charts and quick-fix rules will only take you so far, as being able to make the best plays possible based on your analysis of a situation makes the difference between an average and great player.