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No bonus stars after rank 5

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Bonus objectives draenor tanaan

bonus objectives draenor tanaan

Herb/mining should be roughly 10 of a quest turn.
He does mention in the OP that herbs drop to about 1, though I too noticed that both herbs and ore seemed to give only 1 in the Cata/MoP levels (even though his OP says ore kept the 10).
If you want a broader guide for the zone, with achievements, rare mobs, toys, etc., we advise you to read the guide over at Wowhead.
Bonus objectives are accepted automatically when a player enters the immediate area within a zone where the objectives take place.For Secrets of the Shadow Council, we advise you to choose the Ruins of Kra'nak quest from the Tanaan Planning Map, if present, or to do the Ruins of Kra'nak for Pressing the Attack.Unseen Influence, one of the other daily quests in Tanaan (see below).They are all given at the same place: Lion's Watch for Alliance players or Vol'mar for Horde players.Vindicator Krethos or, shadow Hunter Denjai.Reply With", 03:10 PM #45, i stopped getting chest xp in WoD when i hit 100 as soon as i killed a mob after i dinged.That said, I got what I thought was pretty decent XP/hour considering nettbutikk for godteri it was my first time through those quests.Last edited by Mesosphere; at 06:09.Tanaan is also awful, mostly due to terrain, but also because of scaling.Parvink / Nimi Brightcastle Parvink and Nimi Brightcastle offer you one quest every day, from the following pool.

Reply With", 08:59 PM #50 Deleted Im really surprised you dont mention Zangarmarsh.
Reply With", 09:09 PM #51 Originally Posted by Chaostar Im really surprised you dont mention Zangarmarsh.
Order of the Awakened by 1,500.
No need to go out of your way to facilitate gathering them.
Reply With", 11:36 PM #42, i have recently started playing again (about 2 months) after quitting shortly before MoP, so I'm quite a long way from unlocking Dreanor flying.Because I use titanpanel to track exp/h and I've tested Zangarmarsh.Reply With", 10:51 PM #55 I pick pandaria every time on alts, because they lvl with mining/herbing, and ghost iron bars are soooo expensive on my server, and can be turned to Trillium Bars and then Living Steel through Alchemy.But as always, this is a guide that's specifically focused on raw objective speed.Reply With", 10:45 PM #54 Originally Posted by SirCowdog BGs still reward a lot of experience.Table of Contents, this guide is meant to help you do your daily quests efficiently in Tanaan, offering tips to speed up the process.Reply With", 07:18 PM #48, originally Posted by Heladane Looks like Blizzard have killed that particular xp express train very well.