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Hoi4 unlock building slots

hoi4 unlock building slots

1.0 clear_global_event_targets yes Boolean.
Clr_unit_leader_flag my_flag Clears a defined unit leader flag.
Remove_mission my_mission Removes the specified mission for the current scope.
Br target scope The target country.
Progress float The initial production progress.A value of 0 removes the technology, but if it is a researchable technology, the duration to research isn't reset, meaning it can be researched in 1 day.Start_border_war change_state_after_war no attacker state 527 num_provinces 4 on_win japan_border_conflict.2 on_lose japan_border_conflict.3 on_cancel japan_border_conflict.4 defender state 408 num_provinces 4 on_win japan_border_conflict.3 on_lose japan_border_conflict.2 on_cancel japan_border_conflict.4 Starts a border war for the specified attacker and defender.1.5 finalize_border_war attacker id / variable The attacker state.Cannot_retreat_while_attacking float The bonus to grant.Remove_state_claim 345 Removes a claim of the current scope from the specified state.

Hostility_reason string Localization for the reason for joining.
Traits scope trait The trait to add.
Gfx/leaders/my_folder/custom_s ) or just the name of the image (i.e.
Add_equipment_production equipment type light_cruiser_2 requested_factories 1 progress.95 amount 1 Starts a production line for the specified equipment for the current scope.
Prefer_name string The new name for the ships in the target country.1.4 create_equipment_variant name string The name of the variant type equipment The equipment the variant.General edit Name Parameters Examples Description Notes Version Added state_event id event The event to fire.On_lose id The event to fire for the defender on a loss.1.3 add_autonomy_score value float The freedom score to add.1.0 declare_war_on target scope / variable The country to attack.Remove_relation_modifier target SWE modifier HUN_dynastic_ties_license Removes the specified relation modifier for the current scope towards the specified scope.1.0 start_civil_war ideology schecter blackjack c 1 ex ideology The ideology of the breakaway blackjack pro thin scaler country.Freedom_level float The new freedom level hollywood poker tournament director's poker clock value.Set_major yes Makes the current scope a major country.Autonomy_state type The type of autonomy state to set.1.5 modify_unit_leader_flag flag flag The unit leader flag to modify.1.0 log string An string to in the game.1.3 remove_from_tech_sharing_group string The group to remove the current scope from.1.4 create_navy_leader name string The name of the leader.

Missions are found in /Hearts of Iron IV/common/decisions.txt.5 remove_mission mission The mission to remove.
1.5 Politics edit Name Parameters Examples Description Notes Version Added kill_country_leader bool Boolean.
1.5 promote_leader bool Boolean promote_leader yes Promotes the current unit leader to Field Marshal (if Commander.