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Toponyms Words with interesting etymologies Words to describe people Mar 2003 Words from mathematics that have other meanings as well Words about collecting and study of things Miscellaneous words Words from the world of law Words based on numbers Apr 2003 Words to describe poetic.
(named after specific persons) Mar 2008 Lesser-known counterparts of common words Words to mark the quadridecennial of the founding of Wordsmith.
Awad began on Mar 14, 1994.) Mar 19 May 19 Jul 19ep 19ov 19 We need your help Help us continue to spread the magic of words to readers everywhere Donate Also See: Archives: Plaintext Archives: Alphabetical Archives: awadmail.Words from previous years, words that have entered the language during the last 25 years.Org's octodecennial Words with multiple, unrelated meanings Verbs Apr 2012 French words that are now anglicized Words of nautical origins Words that have meanings in multiple parts of speech Words from fencing Eponyms May 2012 Miscellaneous words Words with allusions to geometrical shapes Metallic metaphors.Words that violate the i-before-e rule.Org: 14-letter words, 14-letter definitions Words from guest wordsmith Matt Ball, founder of Vegan Outreach Words from Yiddish Words formed by contraction Apr 2008 Words to describe people Words made hack best casino facebook cheat engine using combining forms Verbs Words derived from the names of mythical creatures May 2008 Eponyms.Words to describe women Miscellaneous words Short words Dec 2004 Words from the world of money and finance Hair today, gone tomorrow Eponyms Words to describe people 20 Words about words Words from the word game Derivation Eponyms Verbs Feb 2003 What does that company.Org Hair today, gone tomorrow Miscellaneous words Apr 2007 Professions of the past Words that seem risque Words for odds and ends Words having vowels aeiou once and only once, and in order Words about words May 2007 Expressions coined after the names of birds.Eponyms Words to describe people Jul 1999 Verbs Words with variant spellings Eponyms Words about teeth Aug 1999 Words from Greek and Roman mythology Words or phrases from the titles of fictional works Eponyms Words with no theme Loanwords from Japanese Sep 1999 Words with.Words based on fish names Words that appear misleading Jul 2002 Eponyms from fiction Yours to discover Terms employing various nationalities Words with double connections Words related to calendar Aug 2002 False cognates (words that appear to be related but aren't) Red-herring words Terms related.Home, today's Word, yesterday's Word, archives, fAQ.

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Words related to bones Words related to books Eponyms People who became verbs May 2019 Words from singer-songwriter Roy Zimmerman's songs Your theme here?
Feb 2019, words made with combining forms, words that aren't what they appear.
Words that have many unrelated meanings Words to describe people Miscellaneous words Sep 2011 Interjections Words made with combining forms Words about books Eponyms Oct 2011 There's a word for it Negative words Back-formations Whose what?
Words having many unrelated meanings Words not named after the person they should be Jun 2010 Words that appear plural but aren't Words related to weather Words to describe people Dirty words Jul 2010 Words made with combining forms Miscellaneous words Words that look one.Words esperance vivific sthenic utile demiurge Words from German blitzkrieg leitmotiv realpolitik weltanschauung sprachgefuhl weltschmerz diktat Eponyms mithridatism pecksniffian podunk pasquinade jabberwocky tantalus dishabille Miscellaneous words dishabille triste canton predilection ere digitate deuterogenesis solipsism Words from Greek mythology iliad nestor hector odyssey mentor harpy argus.Yours to discover Words borrowed from other languages Newly coined words 20 Words related to time Words to describe people Words better known in their negative forms Words related to repartee Less-known synonyms of everyday words Feb 2006 Loanwords from Sanskrit Coined words Red-herring words.Selya Unusual words used in famous"tions Words with double connections Aug 2007 Red-herring words Words related to calendar Words with hidden animals lotto res wed Miscellaneous words Sep 2007 Words derived from Indo-European roots Words formed by false splitting Fabric words used metaphorically Toponyms Oct 2007 Miscellaneous.Sep 2008 Words that appear to be misspellings Toponyms Words with nautical origins Words from geology and geography Insults Oct 2008 There is a word for it Words about words Words that appear to have been coined after the 2008 US presidential candidates Contranyms Nov.Thank you for your support.Jul 2015 Words that aren't what they appear to be Words to describe people Words related to Pluto and its moons Words borrowed from Hebrew Aug 2015 Unusual verbs for everyday actions Words related to space Adverbs Eponyms Verbs Sep 2015 Characters from Don Quixote.20 Feb 2018 Words to describe people People who became verbs Miscellaneous words Adverbs Mar 2018 Five words that use all letters of the alphabet Tosspot words Words to describe people Words described using their anagrams Apr 2018 Coined words Words with odd pronunciations Phobias.Words about war Words related to archery Apr 2006 Terms imported from other languages Words related to death and taxes Words about books Uncommon words with common suffixes or prefixes May 2006 Words from games and sports Yours to discover Unusual words Short words Adjectives.Feb 2008 Words related to sleep Words related to medicine Short words Whose what?Archives, jan 2019, blend words, adjectives, well-traveled words.(animal edition) Miscellaneous words Words with color as metaphor What does that company name mean?Words turnverein upas ana fug olio unco assiduous Miscellaneous words kef vigesimal inerrancy sapid tsunami loquacious chimera Words about numbers lakh sesquicentennial hebdomad lustrum duodecimal senary quinquennial May 1996 Eponyms shylock yahoo scrooge babbitt svengali tartuffe lothario Miscellaneous words conversazione hebetate sinecure sempiternal paladin rugose.

Words with presidential connections, tosspot words, mar 2019.
Words to describe people Random words Verbs Oct 2012 Words from classical mythology Miscellaneous words Optimists and pessimists from fiction who became words Words that aren't what they appear to be Words that appear to have been coined after the 2012 US presidential candidates Nov.
Food as metaphor Yours to discover First words 20 Miscellaneous words Words to describe people Toponyms Americanisms Feb 2014 Words from Harry Potter, by Guest Wordsmith, Ananya Garg Words from science fiction There's a word for it Words derived from hand Mar 2014 Verbs 20-letter.